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Denise Brinkman.


I teach photo-overloaded women tips and tricks for managing their iPhone photo collection so that the images that matter the most will be easily accessible (and usable!) without digging through the junk.

My Story


I’m a photo organization educator, graphic designer, wedding album designer, avid photo taker, and mom. A giant photo collection doesn’t intimidate me in the slightest these days!

When my daughter Hazel was born, it was important for me to stay on top of her baby photos -- for own my sanity, for the benefit of her long-distance grandparents, and for Hazel's sake when she inherits the collection someday.

So I developed a system to clear the junk, mark the favorites, and keep up with my photo projects.

And because I began sharing my process on my Instagram account, this photo organization education business just fell into place!


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