Is your camera roll a disaster zone?

Are you ready to put the focus back on the memories that matter most?


Does any of this sound familiar...

You know you SHOULD clean up your phone photos, but you have no clue where to begin because your mess seems far beyond repair.

When you open your camera roll, you're bombarded with a screenshot graveyard. (Do you ever go back and reference them? Nope.) Which means you have to scroll endlessly back through clutter to find the photo of your cute kiddo you were actually looking for.

Every time you try to share a photo, you have to flip through a dozen near duplicates trying to remember which one was “the best”. This also results in you procrastinating on photo projects such as a family yearbook because it means sorting through a million photos before you can even begin the design.

And what if you use your phone for your job too? The business photos are mixed in with your personal pics with no way to view them separately.

Yep, it's a hot mess.

Can you imagine...

  • Being able to quickly find the photos that matter most without sifting through the clutter, junk, and duplicates.
  • Having your camera roll bring you instant joy rather than being visually overwhelmed with clutter as soon as you tap the Photos app.
  • Developing a system that makes it easy to reference the screenshots you thought might come in handy. (No more screenshot graveyard!)
  • Sharing your photos is super efficient because you've already sorted through them to pick your favorites and delete the excess. Plus when you sit down to make a photobook, the photo selection step is already done!
  • Building a photo legacy you can pass down to your kids that won't be intermingled with junky photos of receipts and silly memes.
  • Separating your personal family photos from your business photos so that your camera roll reflects the work-life balance you strive for.

If this sounds too good to be true, you should know that it’s 100% possible for YOU, no matter how far gone your camera roll seems to be. I've been there too, but I found a way to keep MY phone photos under control and I've turned it into a system that can work for you too!

If you're ready to transform your camera roll from an overwhelming mess to a memory-keeping tool that brings you JOY...

Let me introduce you to

Control Your Camera Roll

A practical system that walks you through developing and implementing your own customized plan for organizing your phone photos so that the memories that matter most will be easily accessible and shareable.


But this is more than just
"Here's how I do it"

The video lessons break down the options in a universal way that helps you create a custom strategy that works for YOU and YOUR photo goals. I even share real life examples of photo organizing plans I've helped previous Control Your Camera Roll students develop and perfect.

Worried YOUR camera roll is too far beyond repair?

Spoiler alert: It's not.

Focusing on the backlog is what intimidates many people from starting their cleanup habits in the first place. So in Control Your Camera Roll we focus on creating a photo organizing plan that you apply to your recent and future photos so they don't meet the same disorganized fate as their predecessors.

During the duration of this course I recommend sorting backwards about 1-3 months and then just declaring photo bankruptcy on the backlog, letting the older part of your collection be less than perfect. Of course you CAN continue sorting backwards (many students do because they get on a roll!), but it's not the main goal. Get a system in place for your current photos first!

Pssst... the course also comes with a bonus guide called "Tackling the Backlog" for those of you who insist it's a priority. ;-)

So, what is Control Your Camera Roll anyways?

Control Your Camera Roll is a series of video lessons that teach you how to create a photo organizing plan, sort your phone photos efficiently, and turn it into a habit.

By the end of the course...

  • You'll have a clear path for cleaning up your camera roll moving forward that doesn’t seem overwhelming and abstract.
  • Your future usable photos will be set aside so that sharing them and creating photo projects will be easier and more efficient.
  • You'll have a strategy for your screenshots and reference clutter, rather than letting your camera roll become a screenshot graveyard that hides your ACTUAL photos.
  • You can effectively separate distinctive categories of photos, such as personal photos set aside from business photos.
  • You'll be a master of phone photo organizing with new tricks and apps up your sleeve.
  • Efficiently sorting through your photos will be a habitual routine that you actually look forward to doing. Seriously!

No more overwhelm. No more inefficiency. You can do it!


Here's how the program breaks down...


Unit One: Foundation

The basics of iPhone photo organizing. If you’re a whiz, you can skim this unit to save time. This process will work for all tech levels!

In Unit 1, you’re going to learn:

  • Why you should care about the benefits of photo organizing and what you can expect out of this course.
  • How iPhones treat favorites, albums, and deleting of photos.
  • How to add sub-albums into parent folders on an iPhone.
  • How to adjust your cloud backups to ensure your phone cleanup will carry over to your long-term archive.


Unit Two: Plan

Create a rock-solid plan for organizing your phone photos, customized based on how YOU want to use and enjoy your photos.

In Unit 2, you’re going to learn:

  • How to decide which level of organization strategy works for you -- make it as simple or complex as you want!
  • How far back you should sort through your existing camera roll.
  • What services and tools are available for sharing and printing your photos, helping you set your own photo usage goals.
  • How to develop an actual photo organization plan using the provided worksheets and video walkthroughs.


Unit Three: Sort

My best tech tips, strategies, and app walkthroughs to effectively organize your photos, choose your favorites, delete near duplicates, and move junk screenshots elsewhere.

In Unit 3, you’re going to learn:

  • How to let go of near duplicate photos so that you're not re-evaluating which ones are good and bad multiple times.
  • How to efficiently sort photos into albums with one click.
  • How to effectively handle and sort your video files.
  • How to locate screenshots and reference clutter and then remove them from your camera roll.


Unit Four: Repeat

Gain confidence that you can turn camera roll cleanup into a recurring habit and face the most common roadblocks.

In Unit 4, you’re going to learn:

  • How to identify existing chunks of free time that you can spend reviewing your photos.
  • How often you should repeat your new sorting habit.
  • How to hold yourself accountable for keeping up with your new organizing plan.
  • What to do when you fall behind on your photo organization.

Are you ready to be the boss of your phone photos?

Enroll in Control Your Camera Roll today!

  • 14 Video Lessons (Total of 2 Hours)
  • Cloud Backup Compatibility Chart
  • Organization Planning Workbook
  • Printable Habit Tracker Chart
  • Recurring Sorting Reminders via Email Accountability Club
  • Bonus: Photo Usage Inspiration Checklist
  • Bonus: Tackling the Backlog of Duplicates

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Oh hey, did someone say BONUS!?


Tackling the Backlog

The main Control Your Camera Roll course puts priority on creating a photo organizing plan that applies to your current and future photos -- because focusing on the backlog is what intimidates many people from starting their cleanup habits in the first place!

So while I give you full permission to ignore the older photos, I realize clearing space IS a priority to some people. If that's you, I DO have a few tricks to recommend. This "Tackling the Backlog" guide introduces you to a few apps that help you identify exact duplicates, nearly identical photos, and unnecessary junk you can clear from the depths of your camera roll.

Tip: don't let this task distract you from coming up with an ongoing plan to rescue your future photos from the same messy fate!

Sort directly on your Phone!
Computer optional.

Control Your Camera Roll is the first of its kind

Other photo organization courses say you should do your sorting after you've transfered the files to your computer. But we’re in an era where the photo viewing happens ON PHONES more than on any other device. If we wait to sort the photos until we’ve transferred them to a computer for long-term backup, then we’ve missed out on a significant amount of time enjoying the fruits of our labor! During Control Your Camera Roll you'll learn how to efficiently sort photos right on your phone.

Don't just take MY word for it...

Shannon says:

"I've realized it's not that intimidating. Like if I have a plan that works for me... I can do it. It was easy, it's attainable, it's repeatable. It's a part of my life now."

"I've already started sharing my photos more with family members that I didn't originally."

"If you're even thinking about the course, then you probably need the course."


I'm Denise!

I’m a photo organization educator, graphic designer, wedding album designer, avid photo taker, and mom. A giant photo collection doesn’t intimidate me in the slightest these days.

When my daughter Hazel was born, it was important for me to stay on top of her baby photos -- for own my sanity, for the benefit of her long-distance grandparents, and for Hazel's sake when she inherits the collection someday.

So I developed a system to clear the junk, mark the favorites, and keep up with my photo projects.

And now I'm very excited to offer this resource to help other photo-overloaded women keep their camera roll cleaned up so that they can focus on the memories that matter most.

Control Your Camera Roll is PERFECT for you if...

  • Your camera roll is a disaster zone and you’ve given up hope that it can be organized and purposeful.
  • You want to document your child’s life but feel guilty when you fall behind on photo projects.
  • You love taking photos, but you keep too many duplicates because you're too attached to narrow down to the best ones.
  • You get annoyed with how your screenshots clutter up your personal photo collection.
  • You could use a set plan for routinely sharing photos with long-distance family so you don’t feel so far away from them.
  • You wish you had a way to focus on your personal family photos separately from from your business photos.

If ANY of these sounds like you, today is the day to take action and tackle your camera roll organization once and for all!

I can't wait to welcome you into Control Your Camera Roll!


You may be asking yourself...

Has "Organize Phone Photos" been an untouched task on your to-do list for years?

Your enrollment in this Control Your Camera Roll course is the first step to finally getting it done. This may be the accountability you've been needing!

Enroll in Control Your Camera Roll today!

  • 14 Video Lessons (Total of 2 Hours)
  • Cloud Backup Compatibility Chart
  • Organization Planning Workbook
  • Printable Habit Tracker Chart
  • Recurring Sorting Reminders via Email Accountability Club
  • Bonus: Photo Usage Inspiration Checklist
  • Bonus: Tackling the Backlog of Duplicates

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Promo code: PHONEMESS will be automatically applied for $75 savings.